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Bluff Master!

I hope as a reader you will respect the need for humour in life. I’m very serious when it comes to exploring this side. Bluffing is an art, not everyone can do it. So for those who have not mastered it yet, here’s a how-to-be a bluff master in 5 easy steps! Highly not recommended, but have fun anyways!

Meeting an ex when you’re with your current.
I’m sorry, but my memory fails me. Really?… We went to college together?… I really did go to college?… Oh I tell you this brain surgery.
(Works wonderfully! Each time!)

Oh my God!
You don’t see a Ganapati in this picture? I’m telling you he’s there. Oh wait!… This could be divine intervention. Oh my God! I’m his chosen one!
(I actually told my friend to tell this to her boss, if he refused to give her leave for Ganapati.)

It’s a family emergency. I need leave, Sir.
My dog is depressed because I’ve been staying late hours at work these days.
I hope you understand. I’m her mother. I just had a word with her and she demands that she won’t let me get to work today. Thanks boss!
(I have never tried this with my boss. Well, let’s just say, you do it first and I’ll follow.)

The number you’re calling, is out of coverage area. (for 8 hours?!?!)
Honey, ever since I’ve gotten this new network – Dolphin, it’s been a task to get through to me. The thing is every time the poor chap (dolphin) has to come out of the water to find these signals. It gets taxing on him, the poor fella! I know you’re really understanding that way!
(To the women: Dump him right now!
To the men: She’s obviously not bluffing, come on!)

A pauper within a second.
Holy shit! Where’s all the money from my wallet gone?… Gosh! I was just watching Mind Freak when I left home, I think Chris Angel’s using his magic on me through that 21” screen in my living room! If you were not around how would I ever pay my bill? Thanks!
(I have never tried this one before. If you do, tell me if it worked or you got disowned as a friend.)