Today, I remember nothing.

It’s been a long while.
And as I walk past your streets,
fleeting moments fill my mind.
Though of mistrust, pain and a lone valentine.

If we were to cross paths,
I wonder what will it feel like?
Too raw? Too old?
Or that sinking feeling of a gaping hole?

What shall I speak to you, today?
Should I speak of the colour of my curtains?
Should I speak of the unseasonal rain?
Or should I speak of your callousness?
Should I speak of my disdain?

Remember the times, you called me names?
I was hiding it all, for fear of shame.
So no one would hear, no one would know,
of the choices I had made,
and things I had learnt to let go.

And the borrowed melodies,
do you recall?
They raided my heart, as I traded my peace.
I begged of you to heal my ache,
you laughed it off, you enjoyed the tease.

As the roads that lead to thee today,
I hold no memory of the time gone by.
I stand silent and disconnected,
my heart, a resemblance of the dark sky.

Dressed today, on different arms,
making yourself believe.
Shoes that are cut for one,
may just fit another’s feet.



  1. Crafty Shines

    Sigh, beautiful one, this. And a vivid picture painted.
    So you don’t always need a brush or a crayon, eh ms. art? 😀

    (((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) for the beauty of it.

    And personal hugs will be meted for the pain of it.

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