It took a long night.

I kissed him in the midst of the wind,
and he disappeared without a trace.
With unsaid rules blowing through the breeze,
and the blinding dust on my face,
I walked the murk, with forbidden desire.
Hoping against hope,
my feet tugged along the deepest mire.

The dawn spewed on me, new surprises.
All that lay good, were now mere vices.
The tiles still drawn, the rules had changed.
Pebbles strewn on both sides,
and footprints estranged.

I stood there waiting, pleased in denial.
Burning a hundred yearnings,
wishing he would walk through the aisle.
Not a sound in the distance or a whiff in the air.
Rewritten in history, was a tale of despair.
My face still smeared, as I rose up to see,
the day had set in, the mist had cleared.



  1. Nikki Anand

    Beautiful!! Man you are seriously talented!!! I am following your blog from now on

  2. Nisha

    love d line “I stood there waiting, pleased in denial” ..a sentiment anyone can relate to…

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