The lump in her breast. The rock in her soul.

Often we realise that it is our weaknesses that help us discover our hidden strengths. It’s about conquering that battle within, fighting the fears known only to one self, getting over injuries invisible to the human eye. And still standing strong.
Just like challenges always arrive at your door step completely uninvited, a tryst with fate usually occurs when you’re hardly prepared for the moment.

One fine Sunday morning, no one thought that my grandmother would return home from the hospital with a part of her body missing.
Days passed by and now years, and every day when I look at her, I ask myself, ‘How much steel does the lady have?’

For a woman, to be losing a breast is not merely about losing a part of her body, but also about losing a part of her identity. It’s about looking at yourself everyday and feeling how close you were to an end. It’s about knowing the world will look at you differently, sympathetically. And it’s about pulling off a smile and not letting anyone know how bruised you are. It’s about holding on and hoping you’ll still be alive to tell stories to another generation.

She inspires me in the oddest things I do. Like an extra repetition in the gym, or another headline for that ad, or just remembering to smile when nothing’s going your way.
It’s about knowing I’ll be fine no matter what I’m up against.

The realisation of ‘everything is attainable’ comes from knowing that we have just one life to live and it is about making the most of this beautiful gift. It’s about believing in the obvious that we often tend to miss, that we are stronger than anything life can ever throw at us. My 10 year old niece learnt it early in life when she decided to swim across the Alcatraz on a cold, cloudy day just to show her support for her own grandmother and great grandmother who have bravely battled this dreadful disease. The least you can do is spread the word of self examination and regular tests because Cancer can happen to anyone.


  1. mahesh abitkar

    Well its nice to see that you back with your writing.

    Very well written, the message you trying to spread can surely create an awareness in all of us.

  2. sudha

    heya suchitra,
    this is my fav entry soo far..i absolutely loved it..the title was amazing and so was the way you made the entire post sound..
    kudos to you..

  3. deepti

    Statistics say – Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer. Such an important message here. Well delivered!

  4. Neha

    Very well expressed suchi..i shall do my bit to spread the awareness..thank you for inspiring all of us..

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