An era has passed

Reminiscing at the doorway to infinity,
I realised I had dropped the key.

I wait, an impatient soul,
with fingers gliding into my robe.
In vain, I look fruitlessly,
still riding on a hope of victory.

Voices surround my entire being,
questioning my character, my dignity.

I ask, will I be allowed entrance?
Will I be asked to leave?
With chances so bleak,
will I then come back again?
Will I still seek?

How far will this take me, my new face?
Which I no longer recognise, I no longer embrace.

I wish I knew the answers
when I set off that day.
I wish I would hold my guard,
I wish I would not stray.

While I was walking towards you, little did I think,
my journey so far would be about losing my skin.



  1. souvik

    In the journey of life skin changes many time, sometime even without our understanding and us realising. we gain and loose keys many time, but we still have to move on.

  2. Kunal W

    wow .. i dont read your blog often but this one was short so πŸ™‚
    Nice work ! You sure are talented! kudos to you…

  3. Crafty Shines


    u make me panic with these poems of urs!!

    first tell me all’s well….and then i wil tell u that its a sooper peom, well-written and so much of good use of metaphors….

    wait…i said all that already???


    but still…tell me u are okie????

  4. withinaninchoflife

    I’m fine honey… let’s just say you need to be a little tripped out to produce something that can touch people’s hearts πŸ™‚

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