Hope in times of recession

I bring Nandini back to you. The second episode in the series.
Fondly called ‘En’ amongst friends. All of 27 years of age and raring to go, it’s hard to fail someone who’s so spirited. Meet her as she reflects light and hope at every step of the way.

On a lazy Sunday morning, lost deep in thought about what’s happening with the global recession, En had finally found her ray of radiance in the wisdom called ‘hope’. They say, there is always positively a light at the end of the tunnel, and the hope of finding it can never let you down. En was trying to apply that theory to her life as she sat looking outside, curled up like a like a 5-year old, with the sunshine peering through the leafy shade before her. For precisely 4 minutes, until her phone rang and she was brought back to the world of technology, gigabytes, nano chips et al, disconnecting her from the more important pleasures of life. She was now staring at her phone in bewilderment for a full 10 seconds. Some one had mischievously changed the ring tone to ‘Abe phone utha nah! Hee… haw… haw…’ But the hope of hearing from a friend on the other side held greater meaning at that point. She seemed to be applying the ‘be positive’ factor to almost everything around her.

A few minutes in to the conversation, she heard him say, “I can’t afford to fall in love right now!” Her heart ached to the realisation of seeing her friend still so heart broken from his past relationship, but as she dwelled deeper in to the conversation, she discovered what he was meaning. He literally couldn’t afford to fall in love in times of an economic downturn like this. En was now getting used to the idea of holiday plans being postponed, wedding plans being postponed, having-a-baby plan being postponed and the more recent addition to it, ‘falling in love’ plan being postponed. She had heard her friend laugh aloud when she had retaliated saying, ‘It’s the best time to fall in love and get married you see… Women will finally marry for love.’

Her friend was amazed at this most unique take on recession. He had said, ‘Tell me En, you never run out of that jar of hope, do you?’ En was smiling to herself in oblivion looking out of that window again, thinking ‘No. I never will.’ Smilingly she looked at the piece of paper in her hand, a two-week notice from her company.



  1. Nimit

    Hi! .. was typing wikipedia on the addresss bar when it popped the drop down menu and I instead chose to visit withinaninchoflife… 😛 .. Good. I stumbled upon this new blog entry 🙂
    .. the ‘postponement of love’ initially seemed like your typical ‘tongue-in-cheek’ take on… well recession! .. but it strangely is true!
    needless to say.. a profound thought on the unspoken consequence of recession.. beautifully expressed! 😉

    P.S.: ab ek funny waala post ho jaaye.. my demand! .. you can ridicule gujjus if you want 😀

  2. Souvik

    As Aerosmith declares “Falling In Love (is Hard On The Knees)”, right now new theme would definately be “Falling In Love (is Hard On The Purse)” 🙂

  3. withinaninchoflife

    @ Nimit: Hehe… Yes! Some where I think a lot of people would really be applying it … 😉
    About ‘Gujjus’… yes, I think it’ll take me a little while to compile that bit about all the quirky people I’ve met till date… I’ll write one for sure if you promise me, you will take care of that ‘Morcha’ bit! 😉

  4. craftyshines


    well…HUGS to En!!!!

    lol@ women will finally marry for love!!! 😀

    well written suchi, i think i almost know En…

    😀 great fleshing of character!

    hope she never runs out of hope ever…she kinda gives me hope now!! 😀


  5. withinaninchoflife

    En will not! Trust me… because she knows it’s just a job at the end of the day 🙂
    Hugss right back to u! 🙂

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