The intoxicating night
plays bliss and blur.
An aimless journey,
a ceaseless soul.
The shadowy recluse
is now my home.
Some odd faces in the dark,
stare back at me.
Few wounded, grazed,
and some look like me.
The poison-like ambience
sinks into my spine.
A want to hold myself,
but it’s too late in time.



  1. Crafty Shines

    aarreee kya ho gaya??? come come, lemme give u hugs!!!!

    poems are more often than not, a reflection of you, no?

    well written suchi….i loved it!

  2. withinaninchoflife

    @Souvik… read again… n read until u get it… 😉
    @Nagi… Thx so much!
    @Shines… Hehe!… I’m fine… One of my deeper thought… tht’s whn I think tht is… 😉 Thnk u! 🙂

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