She left me feeling blue

It’s strange how I wondered for a month fussing over what to put up on my blog first. In fact, I pretty much had a few things scribbled over some time now and just as I was setting up my own virtual space, something changed my mind. Here’s beginning with something I feel very strongly about, written through the eyes of a man.

‘Quoink!’ That was the sound that echoed through the corridor as a row of us bent backwards to get a glimpse of her beauty on our old creaking chairs. It’s common in Government offices. She looked nothing less than drop dead gorgeous dressed in blue chiffon, red lipstick and her make-up done to the tee. Most of us were caught unaware picking up our jaws off the floor. She sashayed in with confidence brimming from every step of hers. Some of us sat peering through the cracks in our cabin, just so that we could see more of her. Papers fell, things toppled, tea was poured more than the cup could hold, there was just so much mystery about her. The Prussian Blue whiff of the saree over her shoulder and the spring in her walk only added to the entire euphoria surrounding her. I thought to myself, how the Prussian Blue did wonders to her, even when it surrounded her eye, lending her that smoldering look. It made me nearly slip off my seat at the thought of her approaching my desk. And there she was, talking to me, taking my breath away. And breaking my fantasy. She was no more my beauty queen from paradise. She was no longer a stunning idol of desire. She just stood low and frail with traces of bruise around her face, playing peek-a-boo from underneath the layers of foundation donned on it. It was that shade of Prussian Blue which no longer looked beautiful. Her enigma had transcended into a naked truth that was glaring at me, telling me a story. A story of hopelessness and cruelty. A story of violence and despair. A story of a hundred others. A story that is a catapulting reality. A story about how every single day a woman’s dignity is sacrificed for a man’s pride. A story of a thousand odd who choose to sleep forever over these uncomfortable challenges. Some close to 15 of them everyday. A story of about two third of women across India.



  1. Souvik

    Hey tua, nicely written, but why would you want to start your blog with grim issues?

  2. withinaninchoflife

    It’s a real issue, hence. I just had to have a lot of my soul in the first post I have. I guess it’s a reflection of what I strongly stand by.

  3. Debali

    I think this is an exquisite piece of read,, i am looking foward to see where the rest of the text would take me.
    i wish the author best of luck and in anticipation of more to come from her.

  4. Souvik

    Me not being a woman might not gauge the gravity of the situation, but somehow i feel women of our family might not have complaints

  5. withinaninchoflife

    @Debali: Thank you so much for the inspiration for now and for always that you have been with me, my beautiful sister!
    @Payal: Thank you too! I luv ya!
    @Souvik: I appreciate ur efforts in trying to make sense… 🙂
    @Prick: Thnk u to u too! I will visit ur blog now!

  6. chaittali

    Mon cher,

    The Indian woman – a symbol of passion, resilience and beauty. But not today… have encapsulated her plight in a thought provoking manner. You have brought her out of the dark..

    Looking forward for your next piece of work, you manage to surprise me every time. 🙂

  7. withinaninchoflife

    Thank you honey… You’re inspiration will help me take it from here. I hope to have many more surprises for you here on 🙂

  8. Crafty Shines

    hey hey hey!!! glad to have you in the blogging world suchi!! *hugs*

    must to say, really well written. the drift of perception was so smooth…
    rightly said, the plight of Indian women is doomed, ironically in a country that worships a Godess…
    tho it’s time to spread word and awareness about these issues to the ignorant, how does one shake an educated know-it-all girl from consciously choosing to be in a physically abusive relationship, under the pretext of love? remember we discussed this friend of mine? not only is she back with him, she’s also planning on marrying him… 😐
    i pictured her thru this story, and am terrified 😦 sigh…

    loved ur first post suchi! wassup next??? 😀 am the impatient types!

  9. withinaninchoflife

    Hey Shines, sweetie… thx for being a huge help in setting this space up… tho I still look around it like a lost kid at most times… I’m hopin to b a pro soon! 😉
    Thank u for all the nice words u have to say… hugs from Sim n me… 🙂
    Your friend is obviously living in denial that she can do better… I hope and wish that better sense prevails in her… And even tho India is moving ahead economically and technologically, I’m afraid to say we’re socially still far behind. If this is so pre-dominant in urban India, I shudder to think what happens to those thousands of uneducated, ignorant and dependent women in the rural counterparts, which make most of our country. Being a woman, I guess you and I can relate to it more easily, hope we can try to make a difference in our little way however we can.
    And about this space, will surely keep you posted with more… with your help of course… Until thn I hope you can figure out ways to deal wid Sim’s impatience while I deal with yours 😉

  10. Keyur

    Hi Suchi,

    I loved your post. It is so well written yaar. Never knew you write so well. And yes, I do agree with your views.

    Keep it up.

    God bless,


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